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“Kevin has successfully led our SEO strategy and put together a wider marketing team. The resulting growth in online revenues so far has surpassed expectations.”

shopify seo international

Shopify SEO is essential for global eCommerce growth. With this in mind, it’s equally important that your international SEO strategy fits your business’ needs.

how to market your business

Not sure where to start to improve your website or social media? Here are 10 quick and effective ways that you can jump-start your digital marketing and effectively market your business.

email marketing guide

Email Marketing is one of the oldest forms of online marketing. However, this form of digital marketing is perhaps one of the most over-looked mediums through which an e-commerce business can generate income.

SEO guide featured image

In this blog post, we’ll break SEO down to its fundamentals and bridge the gap of digital marketing knowledge you may have. Next time, when you are looking to find an SEO company or marketing agency you know exactly what you are paying for. Most importantly, understand that this is a long-term strategy and needs to be developed over time.

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