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Kevin Kapezi - SEO

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a fundamental part of getting found on Google. Find out how I can help you rank for topics relevant to your business beyond simple keyword research.

Kevin Kapezi - Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (Google & Bing)

Google Ads continues to evolve at a rapid rate. You need an experienced PPC consultant to ensure you achieve a healthy ROI and maintain profitability.

Kevin Kapezi - Analytics


Not using Google Analytics? Need an audit of your current website performance? Maybe you need some data about your industry? I can help your business.

Kevin Kapezi - Email Marketing

Email Marketing

An engaged audience is key. Learn how I've personally increased revenue month-on-month using best in class email marketing techniques.

Kevin Kapezi - New Website Migrations

New Website Builds

Building a new website? You need to ensure the structure of your site is optimised for Search Engines as well considering User Experience.

Kevin Kapezi - Copywriting


Content is still king. I've written content for countless number of businesses from a range of sectors. I'll aim to ensure your audience is engaged.

Kevin Kapezi - Instagram Advertising

Instagram Advertising

Instagram ads are a creative and fun way to express the values of your business. Leverage social media with several targeting options available.

Kevin Kapezi - Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads are currently one of the cheapest pay per click methods for lead generation. Discover the several targeting options available.

Kevin Kapezi - LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn Ads are second to none for B2B marketing with over half a billion users. Leverage several targeting options e.g. job title, industry and more.

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